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Two Process, One Smart Machine

Material shredding comprises of two stages – coarse crushing followed by fine crushing. For these two stages, two shredders are used resulting in additional investment and operational cost. We deal in smart shredders i.e. 2-in-1 shredders where both fine and coarse crushing is performed. With our innovative shredders, you need to pay for one while getting dual-purpose shredding machine.

Advanced Technology

Our recycling solutions based on two principles: minimizing system downtime, maintenance cost, investment, water and power consumption and maximizing ease of operation, the service life of machinery, product quality and system capacity. For meeting these goals, we use technologically advanced intelligent shredders developed based on our vast experience and unique algorithm system. These industrial shredders have excellent shock absorbance feature, thereby extending the life of the machine and overall productivity output.

Eco-Friendly Designs

As compared to other shredders available in the market, our technologically advanced shredders produce low noise, low dust and thus operate in an eco-friendly manner. Innovative teeth design, electric gearboxes, rugged construction, low co-efficient of friction, compact and rugged design, etc., are some of the salient features of industrial wood shredders in which we deal.
D series shredders are small and medium-sized industrial shredding machines used for processed a wide range of materials in uniform and small particle sizes. Our Industrial shredders vary on grounds of rotor configurations, operation lengths and diameters. Extensively used for recycling different wood wastes, different industries use our technologically advanced machines for recycling other materials like plastic, paper, etc.

DR 400

    DR-400 is a robust industrial wood shredder suitable for shredding different kinds of wood ranging from solid wood, particle-board scrap to other wood scraps. Commonly used in small and medium-sized companies, our wood shredders are known for high performance, low noise and dust pollution and superior finishing.

DR 500

    DR-500 is a perfect wood shredder used for chipping and shredding different kinds of woods that are further used as raw materials in industries like biomass, agriculture, paper, etc. Robust and durable construction, it is easy to operate, transport and install at clients’ sites.
DR 500

Shredding services in London are quite in demand. We, at Shredder Tech, are competent to fulfill the ever-growing and distinguished demand of clients by offering industrial shredding machines of various capacities. Right from paper shredding to plastic shredding in London, our machines are engineered with perfection featuring a rugged and compact design.

Manufactured with the latest designs and technology, our wide range of industrial shredding machines are suitable to shred different materials like wood, rubber, metal, plastic and paper. Energy-efficient, low maintenance, excellent performance in all weather conditions, producing low noise and dust emission are some of the highlighting features of different models of shredding machines. Worldwide, our paper and plastic shredding machines are appreciated for superior design and excellent performance. Regardless of a client’s industry and purpose, we are ready to offer customized shredding services in and around London.