Tyre Shredders Recycle Old Tyres in Eco-Friendly Manner

Many companies find safe and easy disposal of used tires as a challenging task. It is because used tires of trucks, cars, tractors, etc., are bio-degradable in nature and rated as solid waste. Their large size and resilience pose a great threat to mankind as well as to the environment. Moreover, if they lie in the open space or in a landfill, they become breeding grounds for rodents and mosquitoes. So, the best and eco-friendly way to dispose of tires safely is tyre recycling.

Tire recycling or rubber recycling is a process of recycling the waste vehicle tires that are no longer useful for productive purposes. In order to perform the task of tire recycling, tyre shredders are used that cut the tires in various sizes. The tire shredders are large machines with different voltage power and cutting chamber size. A rubber tyre encompasses as many as 30 ingredients due to which it is not easy to break down. With the help of different kinds of tyre shredder machines, the rubber components are easy to break down into different sizes and re-used for other purposes.

Different Kinds of Tyre Shredders

Shear Shredders: These are low-speed machines with two shaft rotary knives for scrapping materials.

Grinders: These machines work on both high as well as low speed using drums, wheels and plates during the abrasion process. These shredders are used with compression for crushing materials.

Chippers: As the name indicates, the chippers are used for cutting the tyres into chips. They are fitted with high-speed rotary knives.

Granulators: The size of granulators varies greatly. They help in cutting tyre parts into fine particles.

Specialty Shredders: These shredders perform the task of cutting tyre into small pieces at very high torque and low speeds.

The internal mechanical process and design of each machine vary from one to another. After shredding, tyre shreds have vast industrial applications ranging from constructing backfill, shoe manufacturing to manufacturing mining equipment.

There are many companies involved in manufacturing different capacities of tyre shredders, as per clients’ requirements. The shredders of reputed companies contain the following features:

Reliable Power

Low maintenance

Low Power and Noise

Higher Output Capacity

TWB/SKF/FAG bearing

Life expectancy of 6-7 years or more

If you want to contact a company that manufactures and supplies high-quality tyre shredding in London, it is important to evaluate your needs carefully. For instance, you need to give a clear idea to the company about what product or material you will manufacture from the shredded tyre, what are your expectations in terms of total output size and number on a regular basis, you require stationery or mobile shredders, etc. Moreover, check the service and quality standards of a company carefully before signing any contract. Only a reputed and trusted tyre shredder’s manufacturer like Shredder Tech can fulfill the commercial demand of various industries satisfactorily.